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Which Axis Powers Hetalia Character Are You


Nation's name: Rossiyskaya Federatsiya (The Russian Federation. Though in the manga, he is also "The Soviet Union," even though he is always referred to as "Russia")
Capital: Moscow
Language: Russian (though, due to its size, Russia has several languages)
Birthday: December 30th
National flower: Sunflower
Human name: Ivan Braginsky (I'm sounding his last name out. It's イヴァン・ブラギンスキ)
Height: 182 (tallest of the nations)
Age: Unknown
-A gigantic northern nation that has been tormented ever since childhood.
-Either way, whatever he does, there is vodka involved. His fuel is vodka. Whenever he wants to invade the south to obtain it, England is always there to get in his way, so truthfully, he wants to punch England.
-Because he is attacked by General Winter pretty much every year, he hates the snow. Yet, whenever there is a war, General Winter becomes his best ally.
-At the first impression, he seems to be a pure-hearted country bumpkin, and yet, conversely speaking, he holds a child-like cruelty. Compared to other nations, Russia's history has seen more bloodbaths and tragedies.
-(Note: Someone asked the artist "Russia looks puffy/plump in those clothes. Is he fat?" Russia's answer was 'I'm big-boned.")
Oh, Russia, you batshit insane bastard, you. Sort of like Gin from Bleach, but less creepier. Or more. A lot of people love Russia, because he's the sweet, adorable, huge, cutie who is practically a slave driver to the Baltic states, and is obsessed with unification. Because, hey, we're all one with Russia, right? ....right?

是Vanya呀是Vanya呀> <
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